Fundamentals of Network Security  Course

The Fundamentals of Network Security Course covers the basic topics of network security. This course is good for students who are studying cyber security and wants a better understanding of the fundamental topics of network security.

Details of Section 1

The CIA Triad
What is non-repudiation in cyber security? (video)
What are active attacks and passive attacks? (video)
What are masquerade attacks? (video)
What are DoS and DDoS attacks? (video)
What is a DrDoS attack?
What is a bot? (video)
What is a botnet? (video)
What is IoT botnet?
What is a zombie computer? (video)
What is a replay attack?
What are bugs, vulnerabilities, exploits and threats? (video)
What is Access Control?
Cryptology vs. Cryptanalysis vs. Cryptography (video)
What is air-gap in networking and what is air-gap malware? (video)
What is an attack tree? (video)
What is a bastion host? (video)
What is an Access Control List (ACL) in an operating system? (video)
What are ACL, Access Control Matrix and Capability Lists? (video)
What is a digital certificate?
What is an X.509 certificate? (video)
What is a ciphertext-only attack in cryptanalysis? (video)
What are known-plaintext, chosen-plaintext, and chosen ciphertext attacks? (video)
What is code signing? (video)
What is a dictionary attack? (video)
What is end-to-end encryption? (video)
What is a timing attack? (video)
What is a Man-in-the-Middle attack?
What are brute-force attacks? (video)
What are online and offline password guessing attacks? (video)
Forward Compatibility vs. Backword Compatibility (video)
What is a firewall and what are the different types of firewall? (video)
What is a spoofing attack? (video)
What is a payload in cyber security? (video)
What is Identity And Access Management (IAM)? (video)
What is a computer exploit? (video)
Computer Worm vs. Virus vs. Trojan
What is an antivirus program and how does it work? (video)

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