What is Cryptojacking and how to detect and prevent it ?

What is Cryptojacking

A cyber criminal may have several purposes behind hacking. But, most often the main purpose of hacking for cyber criminals is to gain money illegally. That is why they make or threaten to make DDoS attacks or infect computer systems with ransomware or make phishing attacks. But, very recently these cyber criminals have found another …

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What is Air Gap Malware and how to prevent it ?

What is Air Gap Malware

Computers containing sensitive information are often air-gapped to prevent data breaches. But, air-gapping also cannot guarantee security. Attackers can use air gap malware to steal sensitive data from air-gapped computers. What is an air gap malware ? How does it work and how can it steal sensitive data from an air-gapped computer ? Let’s discuss …

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What is Fileless Malware and how to prevent it ?

What is Fileless Malware

What is Fileless Malware ? Traditionally malware attackers use social engineering techniques to convince a victim to click on a link or open an attachment etc and install the malware in victim’s machine. Those malware reside on a computer’s hard drive. So, they usually leave enough evidences that can be used by digital forensic investigators …

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A Comprehensive Guide to Data Masking

Data Masking

Organizations have to take several security measures while storing personal identifiable data, personal sensitive data or commercially sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, bank account numbers etc in database. Often companies maintain strict security controls when the sensitive data is in storage or being used in the business. But, suppose some …

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